Immigration to Canada has different programs attached to it, and each program depends on the choice of each individual, foreign nationals can find out if they may be eligible to apply for one of the following that can be found on the Government of Canada website,

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workers or


As an Immigrant emigrating to Canada, you have a lot of requirements to meet which includes having a minimum educational background, minimum score point of at least 6.5 in the English or French language, having a job offer to boost your profile in the pool, etc

As a Visitor visiting Canada, you must have a recognized Notarized invitation letter, a sufficient fund that will be enough for your upkeep during your staying period in Canada, Canada government will not be responsible for taking care of you, therefore you must prepare yourself before applying for Canadian Visiting Visa.

As a worker who has the intention to come to Canada to work for an organization, such person must have been given a job offer which is given only by the Canadian government or an employer in Canada, and such a fellow must have met a minimum requirement of the job description, as that will be the point of decision for the work visa to be issued by visa officer.

For a student, such a student must have an admission that will qualify him or her for a student visa and must have a minimum requirement meeting the education level they are pursuing.

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